How Mina Transformed Alibaba's Packaging and Reduced Costs

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Client: Alibaba Group, a global leader in e-commerce and technology
Challenge: Inefficient packing practices leading to increased costs and environmental impact
Solution: Customized packing strategies by Mina


The Alibaba Group revolutionized global trade with its B2B online marketplace, connecting Chinese manufacturers with international buyers. Yet, they encountered a hurdle typical of large-scale operations: inefficient packing practices.

The Problem

  • Oversized Packaging: Suppliers used boxes larger than necessary, inflating costs.
  • Volumetric Shipping Costs: Expenses calculated on package size as well as weight, penalizing inefficient packing.
  • Excessive Packaging: Intended to prevent damage but resulted in elevated transportation fees.

Mina's Impactful Solutions

  • Tailored Materials: Specially selected for protection without excess bulk.
  • Shape & Size Optimization: Considerate packaging designs to reduce space.
  • Cost Reduction: Streamlined packing cuts operational expenses.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Minimized waste and carbon footprint.


Mina's innovative approach redefined Alibaba's logistics, steering the conglomerate and its suppliers towards a path of greater sustainability and efficiency. Mina's relentless drive for innovation in logistics ensures that clients like Alibaba Group not only meet but exceed their efficiency and sustainability goals. By adopting our state-of-the-art packing solutions, Alibaba has paved the way for smarter, leaner operations.

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